Repairing Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry in Bethesda

If you fracture a bone or cut your finger, your body has the amazing ability to heal these injuries. However, when a tooth becomes decayed, there is nothing the body can do to reverse the damage. That’s why restorative dentistry is so important for the longevity of your teeth – left unattended, a cavity will simply continue to grow until the tooth is beyond repair and lost, possibly contributing to other oral health problems like gum disease along the way. Restorative dental care counteracts problems like decay, rebuilding injured teeth and rebuilding your oral health.

Treating Cavities and Tooth Damage

From patients who’ve developed a cavity despite their best oral hygiene efforts to individuals who’ve avoided the dentist for years only to find that they’re suffering from a lot of wear and tear, Dentistry of Bethesda can help with restorative dentistry care, from simple fillings to full-mouth reconstruction. Whatever you do, don’t let problems persist. Early restorative dentistry treatment can help you avoid breaking or losing teeth as well as health-threatening infections and more uncomfortable procedures in the future.

Replacing Missing Teeth

While your Bethesda general dentist can repair many serious dental issues, sometimes a tooth cannot be saved, especially when a tooth infection is in danger of spreading throughout the body. If your tooth must be extracted, Dr. Hornstein offers many effective methods of restoring your oral function, including bridges, dentures, and dental implants.

Restorative Dentistry Services

We invite you to educate yourself about the restorative dental procedures we offer at our Bethesda dentist’s office. If you have questions after reading about our services, feel free to call our office or schedule a consultation.

Experience the Difference

Dentistry of Bethesda provides compassionate, personalized dental care for all members of your family, including those with special needs. Contact Bethesda dentist Dr. Spencer Hornstein today at (301) 530-2700 to schedule your consultation. We happily treat patients from Silver Spring, North Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Potomac, and the surrounding areas.