Let Us Lift Your Smile: Gum Contouring from Dentistry of Bethesda

Do you suffer from a “gummy” smile? A beautiful smile includes the right balance of gums to teeth, but if your gums are overgrown, you may find that your teeth look small and your smile is overpowered by the look of your gums. You want your teeth to have a pleasing size and shape, and a gum contouring procedure, also known as a gum lift, may be the right way to achieve that well-balanced smile.

Causes of a Gummy Smile

A gummy smile, also called excessive gingival display, can be caused by a number of factors. If your teeth erupted abnormally, they may be covered by too much gum tissue even though they are of a normal size and shape. Abnormal development of the upper jaw can also cause gum tissue to protrude and appear excessive. Yet another cause for a gummy smile is a hyperactive muscle in the upper lip that causes your lip to rise too high, revealing too much of your gums when you smile. Whatever the cause, showing off too much gum tissue when you smile can affect your self-esteem. While it’s not medically necessary to correct excessive gum display, a gum lift procedure can go a long way in giving your confidence a boost.

Laser Gum Contouring

A gum lift involves the use of a soft-tissue laser to remove the extra gum tissue, sculpting a gum line that makes your teeth appear longer and reduces the appearance of overgrown gums. After marking the gum tissues that he needs to remove, Dr. Hornstein will employ the LightWalker laser to shape the gums with a gentleness and precision unmatched by traditional surgery with a scalpel. The dental laser not only removes soft tissues but also seals them off simultaneously, which helps prevent excessive swelling and bleeding. Compared to traditional surgeries that involve cutting and stitches, your healing time will be faster and more comfortable than you may have thought possible.

A More Balanced Smile

Your cosmetic dentist in Bethesda will make sure that the end result appears symmetrical and smooth. Once your teeth make up more of your smile, you may find that your smile appears whiter and brighter as well, and we can provide teeth whitening after your gum lift to really complete the look. A gum lift could be part of your comprehensive smile makeover plan. Check out other cosmetic dental procedures offered at Dentistry of Bethesda, and learn more about laser dentistry as well. A simple gum lift could be just the thing to lift your spirits and make you smile, or it could be just the beginning of a whole new you.

Experience the Difference

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