At Dentistry of Bethesda, Our Office is Designed for Your Care and Comfort

These days, technology plays a big role in our everyday lives. Technology can make life easier while increasing our ability to achieve quality results. That’s why Dr. Hornstein and the team at Dentistry of Bethesda keep the office on the leading edge of dental care technology, offering laser dentistry as part of your comprehensive care.

Cutting-Edge Technology in Our Bethesda Dental Office

Dr. Hornstein has invested in the most modern dental technology available so that your dental diagnosis and treatment are more precise and comfortable. These technologies work together to help Dr. Hornstein detect possible problems earlier, making treatments more successful and decreasing the incidence of long-term damage. Our dental technologies include:

  • Dental Lasers. We use several types of dental lasers to make many of our dental procedures more efficient and comfortable, including gum contouring, periodontal therapy, filling placement, biopsy, and teeth whitening.
  • DIAGNOdent. This handheld tool uses a laser diode to compare healthy tooth structure against parts of teeth that are suspected of having decay. DIAGNOdent can detect cavities in their very earliest stages, allowing for the most minimally-invasive treatments.
  • Intraoral Cameras. These handpieces are about the size of a dental mirror and can magnify and photograph hard-to-see areas of the mouth. This technology allows for better diagnosis and patient education, as we can show the images to you on chairside monitors.
  • Extra Quiet Electric Handpieces. In our efforts to ease dental anxieties and make patients more comfortable, we have replaced the traditional dental “drill” with handpieces that are quieter and do not produce as much vibration.
  • VELscope Oral Cancer Screening. VELscope is a handheld tool that shines a blue light into your mouth and creates a contrast between healthy tissues and those that may be precancerous or cancerous, allowing us to diagnose oral cancer at earlier stages.
  • Panorex. A panoramic digital X-ray, Panorex captures all of your teeth and the surrounding bone tissues in a single image, which eliminates the need for your Bethesda dentist to piece together smaller pictures to assess the health of your teeth and bones.
  • Digital X-rays. We use all digital X-rays, which have many advantages over traditional radiographs. They are immediately processed, require no chemicals to develop, can be viewed immediately on chairside monitors, are easily transferred to specialists, and emit up to 90% less radiation.

These technologies work together to help Dr. Hornstein detect possible problems earlier, making treatments more successful and decreasing the incidence of long-term damage.

Comfort Amenities for Personalized Dental Care

officeSometimes a procedure can take more than an hour or several visits to our Bethesda dental office. We maintain an extensive library that contains about 500 movies and offer TVs with cable in the treatment rooms, allowing you to sit back and enjoy some distraction while we do all the hard work. Not done with the movie by the end of your first appointment? If follow-up visits are needed to complete your procedure, we’ll mark where you were in the movie on your charts so you can pick right back up where you left off! That’s the kind of attention to detail you’ll experience at Dentistry of Bethesda.

Experience the Difference

Dentistry of Bethesda provides compassionate, personalized dental care for all members of your family, including those with special needs. Contact Bethesda dentist Dr. Spencer Hornstein today at (301) 530-2700 to schedule your consultation. We happily treat patients from Silver Spring, North Bethesda, Rockville, Chevy Chase, Potomac, and the surrounding areas.